My author portrait 9-2015 72 ppi smaller for len's blog

I am a writer and an artist. I write fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal stories and recently published my first young adult/new adult book, Abysmal Canyon. My art is usually about our deep connection with nature which may include mystical creatures, Celtic symbolism and human/animal hybrids. I’m interested in medieval history, earth energies, black holes, other worlds, hollow earth theories, conservation of nature and wildlife and researching just about anything. Along with art and writing, I enjoy dowsing, gaming, travelling and hiking in Colorado when I get the chance. I have a degree in art/ minor English and graduate degree in teaching. I live in Texas with my rescued four-legged friends. My current writing projects are to put some of my sci-fi/fantasy short stories in a bundle on Kindle while I’m preparing my notes for book 2 of my Domina Lumen series. At least, that’s the plan!

You can email me at: meneidhardt@gmail.com


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