Cedar Waxwing Death Scare

Cedar Waxwing

Today when I was sitting on my couch with my laptop, I heard something hit my glass front screen door with a thump. The sound was familiar. A bird hit. Birds don’t hit my door very often, thank goodness. The fact that  I intentionally leave the glass dusty to keep the reflections down and hang a seasonal wreath year-round to break the reflection, yet birds still run into the door, is upsetting. They don’t always live through it. I hated to look,  knowing there was a 50-50 chance I would see a beautiful winged creature lying dead on my porch with a broken neck. I opened the door slowly and saw a delicate, incredibly beautiful Cedar Waxwing sitting dazed on my front porch. She turned her head and looked up at me, wobbling in her stance. My heart ached for her.  I  slowly closed the door. There is a large, menacing male Siamese semi-stray who hangs around in the bushes near my front porch.  I was nervous he might snatch her. I wanted to protect her, to put her in a safe place to recuperate. But I knew if I tried to pick her up, she would freak out and possibly die. So I kept an eye on her through the window.  The next 30 minutes were harder for me, I think, than for her. I was committed to watch her until she was okay. To my great happiness and relief, she finally regained enough composure to fly away with her flock mates. Cedar Waxwings migrate through this area of north Texas every year, along with many other birds heading south in the late fall then heading north in the spring. I treasure them all and wish them safe return to their native lands, especially my beautiful new friend.

Mystical Vulture Visitor from the Otherworld/Spirit World.


Yesterday morning, I had what I believe to be a visit from a spirit from the Otherworld or Spirit World. I say this because I can’t find a rational explanation for the experience no matter how hard I try. I have to admit, I am ashamed I would even feel the need to find an explanation. The  younger me wouldn’t have questioned this for a moment.

As the story goes, I was walking my dog early in the morning down a path on the edge of a small college campus, between the soccer field and the intermural field. There were no trees in the immediate area, just fences and low bushes. There was a cool breeze and the sun was just coming up. Tag (my dog) and I were happily cruising along when suddenly there was a flash of light before me then a huge black vulture appeared soaring about 15 feet above. His enormous wings were stretched out so far he looked more like a condor than a vulture. He looked directly at me then swooped down right over my head so close I felt the wind from his feathers as he passed. I quickly turned to look back at him, but he was gone.  I mean he just vanished. How could such a large bird just disappear? There was absolutely no bird even close to that size anywhere nearby. I stood still looking around in all directions for a good 5 minutes and saw nothing. I looked at the top of the power line poles along the path and other tall things the bird might have suddenly lit upon after passing me. I looked in the distance all the way around for a vulture soaring in the air. Nothing. He vanished as quickly as he had appeared.

Now, I am a firm believer in the Otherworld/Spirit World, but it has been a long time since I have had a vision that wasn’t in a dream or during meditation. This was real time, in this world, in this dimension (or at least, I think it was!). I have always admired the vulture for the fact that even though they are raptors,  they are not predators. They don’t kill, but feed on the dead. They are fastidiously clean and take excellent care of their young way longer than most. And they can soar like no other bird I have ever watched. They seem to enjoy spiraling together in the thermals. I have often wished I could join them. Still, why would he visit me??

A little vulture culture – The Mayans revered the vulture saying the bird could re-create life from death. In Egyptian mythology, vultures were symbols of femininity and maternal protection. When the goddess Nekhebet became associated with the vulture headdress, the bird became a heraldic symbol for Upper Egypt.


Egyptian queen with vulture headress

(Egyptian queen with vulture headdress)

So here’s the rest of the story – Tag and I continued on our walk, still looking for signs of the vulture, but saw nothing. When I got home, I looked in my Druid Animal Oracle for a vulture to see what the vision might have meant. The book mentioned blackbirds and ravens, but no vultures.  So I searched the internet and found that if a vulture has flown across your path, the vulture is asking you to be patient. He is asking you to be thoughtful about your decisions and “choose paths that support your higher consciousness and heart.” – (this came from the website: http://www.spirit-animals.com/vulture/  More on the subject can be read there.)

Even though my experience was way more than just a random vulture passing by, I couldn’t find any information about a mystical siting of a vulture from the Otherworld, so I decided to just go with what I found.

Another website had an entire page devoted to the symbolism of the vulture throughout history in different cultures. Wow! I had no idea! Here’s the link to that website with fascinating information for those who want to know more. http://www.whats-your-sign.com/bird-meaning-vulture.html  Thank you, Avia!

So what does all this mean for me? The suggestion from the Spirit Vulture that I need to be patient and take my time making decisions fits with my current situation. With all the obsessions and insecurities I’ve had about the new cover for my book ( while neglecting my blog and not writing book 2!) and freaking out over the endless forms of marketing I apparently should be doing, I have been going nuts. I don’t have the money to do what the gurus/bestsellers suggest, but even the free marketing leaves me very little time to write. I bow down to those self-published bestseller folks for having such social media tenacity. The private, creative soul inside of me hates, hates and did I mention, hates(?) marketing!

Bottom line – I’ve been trying to do too many things at once. I need to chill, soar, be patient and thoughtful, write and do my art and things will work out.

So to end this mini-saga about my visitor. Having the Spirit Vulture pop in and out of my world was a blessing and perfect timing! Although I won’t be dining with him on road kill, I will try to embrace all that he has to teach me. I might even find a way to include him in book 2 of my series. Just thinking about him has gotten me writing again. His magic is already working!  🙂

Vulture Vortex

Vulture Vortex

A sketch from my morning walk when I saw a huge vortex of black vultures spiraling into the sky. There was a stiff north wind and the column of vultures was being pushed southward rapidly, churning in a circle like a black tornado. I watched until they disappeared into the distance and tried to imagine what it must feel like to be  part of such a collective natural event.

Evidence of earthing!

Footprint in mud

I was thrilled a few mornings ago on my daily barefoot “earthing” walk on a local college campus, to see evidence that someone else had been going barefoot, too. The print was large and wide, almost Bigfoot size, so I assumed it was a male student or a very large, Amazonian girl. It looked almost bear-like in form with large, curved claws and other exaggerated features. I’m pretty sure this human animal had no idea about how walking barefoot was grounding his/her body and allowing it to be recharged by the energies coming up from the earth. No, I imagine the act was done spontaneously, probably late at night after a few beers with great laughter as the cool, squishy mud pressed up between the toes and folded around the outer edges of the foot. It reminded me of when I went to the same college in the 1970’s and walked barefoot to class everyday until the cold weather would finally force me to put on shoes. I believe when this student bravely chose to walk in the mud, that person’s Spirit of Place changed for a brief moment. The mud transformed from a messy nasty thing to avoid to a joyful memory of childhood and a reminder of our close connection to nature.


Earthing - get your bare feet on!

Earthing – get your bare feet on!

By now, you may have heard about the reawakening of “Earthing.” The practice has been around since the dawn of human existence, even though cave folk didn’t realize it at the time. They were simply going barefoot. Why is that so important now? With all of our wonderful technology, we have become disconnected from the Earth. It shows in the sky-rocketing  rise of illnesses from high blood pressure, to arthritis to Lupus and many others, all brought on by inflammation inside our bodies. When we connect to the Earth with bare feet, we absorb electric charges from electrons and become “grounded.” When we are not grounded, we basically short out. We can live entire lives without Earthing, but why cheat ourselves from such a basic healthy necessity that’s free and right outside our doors? Besides being good for you, its fun and feels amazing! How many prescribed medications or therapeutic interventions can you say that about?

I have been a barefoot gal all my life. I was born in Florida with my toes in the sand and grew up in Texas running around barefoot with the occasional goat head sticker implanted in my heel. When watering my plants outdoors or hanging laundry from my clothesline (yes, I actually don’t have a dryer by choice) or taking the trash out, I am usually barefoot in the warmer months. But I had never considered intentionally using my barefoot time as therapeutic time until I recently read the book, “Earthing”, by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D., and Martin Zucker. Wow!

I walk my dog, Tag, every morning for at least 30 minutes. I decided to initiate my Earthing with that walk. The book recommends you do Earthing at least 30 minutes a day, so it seemed like an easy way to do two things at once. My street has broken glass from beer bottles (I live next to a college campus and student parties are common) so on my first day, I wore my flip flops on the street until I came to the grass of the campus, which was a short block. At that point, I took my shoes off and stepped into the deep, cool, wet St. Augustine grass. Oh…my…gosh!  My feet were in heaven! They came alive! Nerve endings on my soles were texting each other wildly saying “Whoa! What is this? This is great!” I walked all over the campus that morning. Not all the grass was perfect. Sometimes it was dirt covered with acorns, leaves and little twigs. My feet felt pebbles, dried hard things, smooshy things, prickly things, mud, various grasses. I watched for stickers, glass and dog poo and walked cautiously, but with purpose. Each day I grew more bold, striding out almost as fast I had walked with my socks and tennis shoes before I began Earthing.

That first night of Earthing, I couldn’t sleep. My body was so energized it was crazy, like I’d had 10 cups of coffee. The second day during my walk, my calves became alive much like my feet had the first day. Tinglings and shoots of happy energy ran up and down my legs. I slept better that night. By the third day, I was a pro, walking as if I had never worn shoes a day in my life. I slept like a baby.

It has been almost 3 weeks now. I have more energy, I feel refreshed and I look forward to connecting to the Earth every morning. The skin on my face is tighter and more youthful, I kid you not! I don’t look 30, but I do look younger, more refreshed and invigorated. My feet get antsy as I approach the campus. They can’t wait for me to take my flip flops off and feel that first touch of natural vibes coming from deep within the Earth.

People stare at me when I’m Earthing, but they don’t scowl – they smile. I hope I’m an inspiration and that they go home and go barefoot outside even for a few minutes. It touches something deep inside. I have started using my walk to do a form of meditation as well. As I walk, I pay attention to what my feet are feeling, what I’m seeing and hearing and nothing more. I silence all my mind clutter for 30 minutes.

Now, when I dowse barefoot touching the Earth, my pendulum swings much stronger. I have known for years that dowsing with your feet grounded is the best way, but I had gotten lazy and would do it sitting on the couch with my feet tucked under me with the T.V. on, no less! What a difference I am seeing now when I am touching the Earth!

If you want to try Earthing, an easy way to start is to take your shoes off, go outside and sit in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Take a book or meditate or just sit and let nature enter your world. Try to do it for 30 minutes if you can. Wet grass works best. If you want to be a real rebel and have the opportunity at work, you could take your lunch break outside, taking your shoes off and placing your feet on some patch of dirt or grass you may be able to find near your building. Your co-workers will think you’re nuts at first, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be long before you had an entire group of Earthing lunch buddies to join you. 🙂

Earth on!

Acorns Invade as Leaves Flee in Terror

Acorns invade as leaves flea in terror.

Acorns invade as leaves flee.

The acorns are advancing toward the leaves in an all out assault. The leaves flee in terror back to the tree. They beg for mercy, but the mighty oak stands firm and will not let them return to their branches.

The leaves are trapped, but suddenly they realize they outnumber the acorns. The leaves gather their forces and push toward the acorns in a show of solidarity. They stop the invasion temporarily, but the acorns have another plan…

acorn invasion advances, leaves gain courage

Leaves gather their forces and stop the acorn invasion.

Imagination can change the Spirit of any Place.

Fog Creates a New Dimension

Stop! Do not enter the fog!

Stop! Do not enter the fog!

On a foggy morning during my daily walk in and around a college campus, I caught this image. The signs all seem to be warning against entering the fog.

“Stop! There is No Outlet! If you dare to enter, you will not return to this dimension. We will not be responsible for your safety.”

I say let’s enter the fog and see where it takes us.