First Print Proof Reviewed, Now Waiting for Second Proof

My first proof of my book, Abysmal Canyon, arrived last week. I cannot tell you what a mind-blowing feeling it was to hold it in my hands. The end result of three years of work. And while  I know I am new to writing novels and have a long way to go, the feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming. The down side was that it had a few errors.  I reviewed the text along with another reader and we found a margin that was off and a few typos that had slipped past multiple reads and edits.  The cover needed work, as well. It came out way darker than the image I sent in. You could not tell there was a canyon image on the front at all.  So, I researched the best way to lighten the cover and did that (at least it looks lighter…we’ll see how it prints), then fixed the text errors and re-uploaded the book this past Friday. Now CreateSpace is reviewing it again for formatting, which it should pass, then they will send me a link to the book online which I will review. THEN, if all goes well, I will order another proof. The proofs are not very expensive, but the process is time consuming. My new goal date for the printed book to be up and for sale on Amazon will be no later than mid-November. And at that time, I will update the Kindle version so they both match. I’ll keep you posted!

Book Proof is On the Way!

Day before yesterday I uploaded my book cover files and interior text files for Abysmal Canyon to CreateSpace for review. I did all the designing and formatting myself, which was a real chore, but using the CS templates helped to keep me sane. This was my first time to go through this process.  I know (hope) it will get easier. I took copious notes…

Yesterday my files were approved by CS and I saw what my book will look like, which was exciting! I ordered a couple of proof copies for myself and another reader to review. They should arrive in the mail sometime next week. If the proof looks good, then I will give the okay for the book to be put on Amazon for sale. It will appear on the same page as the Kindle version, which is already up. I’ll update when the book is actually up for sale.