The Secret Code

There is definitely a secret code to marketing which I am nowhere near cracking. The internet is packed with ebooks about how to sell your book by the millions and be an overnight success. Of course, I know it’s not that easy and I also know writing those type of books is its own form of marketing strategy for those authors. I am currently in the deep fog of trying to decipher which code is the one that will unlock the fate of my new book. Watching my sales is like trying to lose weight – you’ve researched, bought books, asked friends, eaten the magic food, exercised daily, denied yourself yummy pleasures and on and on then you step on the scales with great expectations and instead of losing weight, you’ve gained! And there you stand, naked, staring at those damn scales wondering what the heck is going on. I can only imagine that this is where having a publisher really comes in handy. But mark my word -I will prevail – just as soon as I find my Cracker Jack decoder ring.

Steep Learning Curve

Having just published my first novel, I am now inundated with the steep learning curve of marketing! This is not a strength of mine, but when I decided to publish on Amazon, I made the commitment to do whatever I could to get my book “out there.”

When I first began writing Abysmal Canyon, I had no intention of selling it. I wrote the story to bring the characters in my mind to life and to see where they wanted to go. Somewhere along the many edits and rewrites, that attitude changed and I’m glad it did.

So I bought an ebook about marketing through Amazon and I’m following the guidelines. I have this blog and my Amazon Author Page. I have been working on my Facebook Author Page and today I hope to launch it to the public. It will be skeletal at first compared to other author’s pages, which appear to have been around for centuries! I was advised to keep my personal Facebook page separate, which seems wise. Twitter is on the horizon, as well as other social media adventures. I’m also working in Create Space to make a printed version of my book. A book trailer is on the back burner and many other things! Meanwhile, I’m bundling some of my science fiction/fantasy short stories together to sell on Amazon (and designing the cover) and I’ve started gathering notes for book 2 of the Domina Lumen series. Yeow! It’s a miracle my lap top hasn’t grown roots and attached itself to me permanently!

Putting myself in front of so many people all of a sudden has been unnerving, but I’m adapting and evolving and it is getting easier with your help. Thanks!