A little about dowsing

holding pendulum

Definition of a dowsera person who uses a type of divination in attempts to forecast the future, diagnose ailments, locate ground water, buried metals, gemstones, oil, gravesites and other objects, as well as currents of earth radiation known as Ley Lines or energy lines, without the use of scientific apparatus. A dowsing rod or witching rod is sometimes used as well as a pendulum, although some dowsers use no equipment at all.

I use various pendulums for yes/no type questions, copper “L” rods for locating directions and body dowsing for feeling energies and map dowsing. Any object (not too big) hanging from a chain or cord or even a string can be used as a pendulum. They say anyone can dowse, but I have found that some people can’t. I’m not sure if they are blocking the signal unintentionally or are too skeptical. The first time I tried dowsing and the pendulum moved on its own, I was spellbound and hooked. My friends were convinced I was making it move, but I guarantee you, it moves on its own. Try it!

If you have never dowsed before, here’s a quick beginner’s lesson:

Make a pendulum (tie something like a ring to a string) or you can use a pendant you wear. Sit quietly with both feet on the floor and take a few deep breaths, quieting the mind. Hold the string between your thumb and forefinger so the object is hanging down. Make sure it’s not moving. Ask the pendulum to show you a “yes” response. The pendulum may start rotating in a direction or swinging back and forth. Make a note of what it does, because that its way of saying “yes” to future questions. Then ask it to show you a “no” response. Also ask for a “maybe” response. After you’ve done this, you can ask a real question. Make sure to make the question very specific. For example, if you ask, “Will I be okay?” – that’s too vague. “Will I be okay today when I drive to work?” is more precise. Don’t hold the answer you want in your head, because the pendulum may read your mind and give that answer instead of the correct one. Making yourself totally indifferent to the answer is the hardest part. Also, the pendulum can change the direction of its answers from day-to-day, switching what used to be a “yes” to a “no”, etc. So before each session, ask the pendulum to show you the “yes, no, maybe” responses for that day.

Have fun with it and don’t take any answers too seriously at first. Always use your common sense when in doubt. It takes practice to remain objective and get in tune with your dowsing energies. I am a member of the American Society of Dowsers. They have great information on their website as well as a store that sells cool dowsing equipment and books. Here is a link to their website – http://dowsers.org/

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