The Secret Code

There is definitely a secret code to marketing which I am nowhere near cracking. The internet is packed with ebooks about how to sell your book by the millions and be an overnight success. Of course, I know it’s not that easy and I also know writing those type of books is its own form of marketing strategy for those authors. I am currently in the deep fog of trying to decipher which code is the one that will unlock the fate of my new book. Watching my sales is like trying to lose weight – you’ve researched, bought books, asked friends, eaten the magic food, exercised daily, denied yourself yummy pleasures and on and on then you step on the scales with great expectations and instead of losing weight, you’ve gained! And there you stand, naked, staring at those damn scales wondering what the heck is going on. I can only imagine that this is where having a publisher really comes in handy. But mark my word -I will prevail – just as soon as I find my Cracker Jack decoder ring.

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