Book is Almost Ready for Printing

I am almost finished formatting and designing my book, Abysmal Canyon, for print. I thought formatting it for the Kindle version was hard – Ha!! The print version is completely different as far as font, spacing, margins, pagination, size of the book, book cover design, etc. I’m using CreateSpace, a print-on-demand company owned by Amazon. They have templates, tutorials, forums and there are lots of videos on the internet to help, but it is still crazy stressful trying to do it all yourself and hope by the grace of the universe that it looks halfway professional. I believe I have it all in place now. I used books of the same genre as guides. I’ll be putting my interior files and book cover both in the required PDF form today, which is a little unnerving because I’m hoping that doesn’t just throw everything out of whack. It’s not supposed to IF done properly… *sigh… Then, if all goes well and it still looks good, I will upload the PDF files to CreateSpace and wait for their approval. When that comes – and I don’t know how long that takes assuming they give me the green light – I will order a proof copy of the book to see it in my own hands, read it and make sure it looks good -THEN if that is a go, I’ll put it up on Amazon with my Kindle version. If not, I’ll make the changes and re-upload it. I’m thinking the book will be a little easier to market when I have actual copies to show, although marketing for me will never be “easy.” So – Whew!! Cross your fingers, toes, arms and legs that it all goes well. I’ll keep you posted.

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