Black Canyon of the Gunnison – The inspiration for my book, Abysmal Canyon


another view of v black canyon

This is the canyon that inspired my book, Abysmal Canyon. I took these photos while hiking there. The canyon is a national park near Gunnison, CO. It is one of the steepest canyons in North America. When you stand on one of the overlooks (if you dare!), your stomach goes to your throat as you look straight down at the sheer canyon walls to the Gunnison River below. Strong wind drafts from below could pull you into the abyss if you leave the protection of the railing. Black gypsum and tall, jagged rock formations like sharp fangs rise up from the bottom and give the canyon a sinister feel. Peregrine falcons swoop through the canyon leaving their trailing screeches echoing in the wind. It is a magical, mysterious place with a strong negative energy vibe. I highly recommend it if you are ever in that area.


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